Dairy farming

    Optimised husbandry methods lead to more economic efficiency in dairy farming. We support you in planning your barn construction for maximum comfort for animals and humans.

    What needs to be considered in dairy farming?

    There are three aspects that form the basis for healthy, productive animals:

    • Fresh air
    • Light
    • And comfort.

    If the cows feel comfortable, there are less cases of illness, feed intake increases and as a result, the farmer gets a higher milk yield.

    Fresh air supply

    For an optimal stable climate, fresh air must flow into the stable continuously, while the air burdened with harmful gases is discharged to the outside. Draughts have to be avoided.


    Natural light and a certain amount of sunlight also make cows happy. However, as they quickly suffer from heat stress, a shading function should also be considered.

    Comfortable lying surfaces

    Cows do not like to lie on hard ground, but prefer elastic and soft lying surfaces with adequate space.

    More space - higher milk yield?

    So far, there have been few holistic studies on the effects of different husbandry systems on animal welfare and the performance of dairy cows.

    However, studies indicate that although pasture management increases animal welfare, it has weaknesses in terms of feeding. Milk yield is significantly higher with year-round (loose) housing, provided that the barn offers soft, spacious lying areas and walking surfaces that mimic the grazing surface.

    In recent years, the housing of dairy cows has become much more animal-friendly and work-friendly for the farmer thanks to wider aisles, optimised cubicles and spacious stable constructions.

    (Source: “Systemanalyse Milch – Hintergründe für die Praxis”; Grünlandzentrum Niedersachsen Bremen e. V.)

    Textile stable construction from AGROTEL: spacious, flooded with light and fresh air.

    Are you planning the construction of a new stable or the extension of an existing one? We can support you with our textile hall systems and develop the optimal stable for your requirements.

    The advantages of an AGROTEL Animal Welfare Stable at a glance

    Fresh air without draughts

    The combination of adjustable side wall ventilation systems, door systems and ridge solutions makes optimum use of natural air movements and creates a pleasant indoor climate.


    The light roof covering, opening side walls and wall cladding made of transparent wind protection panels ensure maximum daylight incidence.

    Natural heat/cold storage

    Due to the low mass of the PVC tarpaulin and its light colour, it does not heat up in summer and does not store extreme cold in winter. This additionally neutralises the stable climate.


    Textile Hangar Systems

    Wind Protection Systems and Doors

    We will be happy to advise you on-site on new constructions or retrofitting your barn with the right curtain systems, door solutions and wind protection panels.

    Cow comfort - soft standing, lying and walking.