Double Membrane Gas Storage tanks for Bio-Energie Greimel GmbH & Co. KG

    For the storage of around 3000 m3 of gas, Johann Greimel operates two biogas storage tanks covered with AGROTEL’s flexible double membrane. They ensure the highest efficiency and the success of the plant.

    The project at a glance

    Bio-Energie Greimel GmbH und Co. KG is the largest biomass power plant in Dorfen near Munich. The huge biogas plant is operated with a total electrical output of 1.8 MW. At the heart of the plant, there are two tanks with a diameter of 30 m and 22 m, which were covered by AGROTEL with a double membrane. Together, the two tanks can store almost 3000 m3 of gas.

    The base is built by a substructure consisting of a stainless steel column and textile belts that are braced from the central crown to the tank wall. They support the inner membrane when there is little or no gas pressure to prevent it from sinking into the substrate. The outer and inner membranes are made of a polyester fabric with PVC coating, which guarantees leak-tightness and durability. A metal sealing gland was used to attach both membranes to the rim of the tank in a gas-tight manner.

    In order to meet the climatic requirements (rain, snow, wind, sun), both gas tanks were additionally equipped with a radial blower that maintains the necessary pressure on the outer membrane. At the same time, a vacuum and overpressure safety device ensures system safety. A gas H-meter (sensor for level measurement) was integrated into each gas storage tank so that Greimel GmbH can keep a close eye on the level of the systems at all times.

    The gas storage tanks comply with TRAS 120 of the Federal Ministry for the Environment.