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    Halls with large span widths: Lattice Beam Halls

    Where large span widths are required, AGROTEL Lattice Beam Halls are a fast and efficient solution.

    Lattice Beam Halls

    Our Lattice Support Pitched Roof Hangars are the optimal solution when it comes to planning industrial halls, storage halls, machine halls, sports halls or production halls.

    Construction of a Lattice Beam Hall

    • Steel profiles, designed as differently dimensioned lattice girders, depending on static requirements
    • Covering with high-quality fabric-reinforced PVC membrane – extremely tear-resistant, anti-mould treated, flame-retardant, UV-stable
    • Can be anchored without concrete foundations
    • High wind and snow loads
    • More about our materials

    Up to 80 m free-standing width

    Self-supporting span widths guarantee optimum usage of the available storage capacity.

    Short construction times

    We make sure that you can use the new space quickly. Once the building permit has been granted, we will assemble your new hall within a few months.

    High-quality materials

    Our technical-textile fabrication, the company's own steel construction and the in-house metalworking shop guarantee optimum quality.



    Lattice Beam Hall free-standing, up to 80 m width

    Optimum use of space

    The saddle roof structure allows maximum usage of the storage volume. The lattice girder ensures quick assembly and low construction costs with high snow and wind loads at the same time.

    Highly durable and robust

    AGROTEL stands for high-quality products with a long service life. The Lattice Beam Halls are constructed from galvanised steel lattice girders which are covered and clad with fabric-reinforced PVC tarpaulin.

    Free-standing - without support columns

    No disruptive columns: the free-standing construction allows efficient use of the covered area. Our expert sales force will advise you on the optimum size for the required storage capacity.

    Anchoring possible without concrete foundation

    Storage halls with membrane covering can be set up directly on the natural ground. Depending on the conditions, no concrete foundations are necessary. The storage halls can also be erected on concrete walls and concrete blocks.

    Assembly in less than one month

    The halls are quickly and easily assembled within a few weeks - so the new storage capacity is quickly available.

    Flexible assembly and dismantling

    In the event of a relocation, AGROTEL Lattice Beam Halls can be dismantled and reassembled at a new site. Additionally, they can easily be extended in length.


    1 Anchoring systems

    To find out which ground anchoring is the right one for your hall project, we take a closer look at the construction plans, the subsoil and the site conditions. Where possible, our textile hall systems are anchored without a concrete foundation. This makes them particularly flexible in assembly and dismantling.

    Stabanker zur Verankerung von Hallensystemen
    Rod anchorage
    Bolzenanker auf Betonfundament zur Verankerung von Hallensystemen
    Bolt anchor on concrete foundation

    2 Ventilation options

    Additional ventilation systems can be integrated to suit the external climatic conditions, the volume of the hall and the intended use. A light and ventilation ridge, as well as ventilators, ensure optimal air conditions. In addition, storage halls, production halls or machine halls can be equipped with panels and doors made of air-permeable mesh material.


    Static fan or dynamic fan with controller (depending on the volume of the hall)

    Elektrischer Firstlifter zur Belüftung von Pultdachhallen
    Electrical ridge ventilator
    Mechanischer Firstlüfter zur belüftung von Pultdachhallen
    Mechanical ridge ventilator
    Ridge Solutions:
    Satteldachhalle belüften mit Licht-Lüftungsfirst
    Double sided illumination / ventilation ridge or table ridge
    Lateral ventilation openings:

    Small, prefabricated openings on the side walls support natural air circulation.

    Lüftungsdreieck zur seitlichen Belüftung von Pultdachhallen
    Ventilation triangle

    3 Canopy solutions

    A well-planned canopy creates additional roofed and weather-protected space for storage or working space. When building an AGROTEL Textile Hall, the planning of gable ledge, eaves ledge and canopy solutions is one of the first tasks. Depending on your wishes, canopy constructions of up to 5 m can be realised.

      • Gable ledge: up to 1 m
      • Eaves ledge: up to 1 m
      • Canopy construction: 1 to 5 m

    4 Inner membrane

    An additional inner membrane can be inserted in order to be able to regulate the temperature inside the hall individually.


    • Insulation, easy temperature control of the hall
    • Protection against corrosion of the steel structure when storing problematic substances such as fertilizer, chemicals, salt, compost
    Innenmembran zur Isolierung von Satteldachhalle, Gitterträgerhalle und Pultdachhallen

    5 Colours

    Our double-sided coated, fabric-reinforced PVC tarpaulin is available in four colours that can be combined as desired. Please contact us personally for requests such as special colours, lettering and logo prints.

    Hallenplane weiß

    BHPVC 100 white

    Hallenplane grau

    BHPVC 370 anthracite

    Hallenplane grün

    BHPVC 170 green

    Hallenplane rot

    BHPVC 270 red

    6 Textile Doors

    For the optimal and functional use of our halls, we offer special door solutions, produced in-house.

    In doing so, we pay particular attention to a well thought out construction and high-quality finishing. Together with you, we plan individual entrances and exits, taking into account key factors such as cost-effectiveness, safety of use and weather protection.

    References in industry and commerce

    AGROTEL Lattice Beam Halls are used in the agricultural sector as stable buildings, storage halls for feed and bedding, and as machine halls.

    References in agriculture

    Logistics hall, machine storage hall, production hall, hall with PV system, dairy cattle barn or riding hall – you can realise all this with the AGROTEL Lattice Beam Hall.


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