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    Corrosion protection for reinforced concrete tanks: WireTarp

    For more than 20 years WireTarp has been reliably used as corrosion protection for reinforced concrete tanks.

    Concrete Protection WireTarp

    By applying WireTarp, future cost-intensive refurbishment measures can be avoided and the economic viability of the facility can be increased. AGROTEL concrete protection products are state of the art in terms of steel concrete container construction technology.

    Concrete protection

    • Proven protection of concrete surfaces
    • Increases the profitability of your plant
    • Avoidance of downtimes
    • Weather-independent installation
    • Protection of the tank wall and the central column with head
    • Customised assembly
    • Optimum price-performance ratio
    • Absolute adhesion and impermeability tested and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute
    • Subsequent professional welding of the joints by our qualified staff

    Lasting Investment

    WireTarp is a worthwhile investment, because it significantly increases the longevity of your plant and increases economic efficiency.

    Competent implementation

    We support you with expertise in planning and implementation and help you to protect your plant permanently and sustainably.

    High-quality materials

    WireTarp is much more corrosion resistant than common coatings. The membrane is custom-made in our factory and assembled in accordance with customer requirements.


    1 WireTarp pre-finished wall covering

    2 Wall/ceiling weld seam

    3 Ceiling covering

    4 Concrete ceiling
    5 Recess and service openings

    6 Central column support membrane

    7 Central column with head

    8 Concrete baseplate


    PP-loop fabric (on concrete side)

    Impermeable to gas and liquids

    Full-surface PP-coating (shuttering side)

    Ensures permanent resistance to aggressive materials


    Our self-developed WireTarp offers sustainable protection against corrosion. It has proven itself for over 20 years as corrosion protection for reinforced concrete tanks.