AGROTEL Smart Solutions Animal Welfare

    Cosyhome Calf Home: Healthy animals, less work for the farmer.

    The AGROTEL calf village is an innovative animal welfare barn for the optimal housing of calves.

    Comfort for animals and humans

    The Agrotel Cosyhome solutions for calves combine maximum comfort for animals with maximum work efficiency. Different microclimate zones create a feel-good atmosphere for calves,

    while the well-thought-out concept enables simple one-man management.



    Management by one person

    An optimised path concept and the practical tilting function enable time-efficient work.

    Fit and healthy animals

    Optimal environmental conditions and plenty of space ensure healthy calves.

    Machine friendly

    Large service openings and the mechanical tilting function of the Cosyhome calf igloos make the Cosyhome passable for machines.

    Microclimate zones

    Optimal temperature conditions throughout the year increase the well-being and health of the animals.

    Modular system

    Customized solutions that can be expanded individually.

    Clean & hygienic

    The flexible interior design, the tilt function and the choice of materials enable easy and thorough cleaning.

    Bright interior

    Pleasantly bright interior through a translucent membrane cover.

    Durable construction

    A galvanized steel structure and the high-quality membrane covering guarantee a long service life.

    Short construction time

    The textile system design enables a short construction time of just a few days.

    Patented tilting device

    The AGROTEL Cosyhome tilting device consists of:

    Extension or stand-alone solution:

    Microclimate zones


    AGROTEL’s textile calf welfare barn is built where farmers want to increase the well-being of their calves and make farming easier.