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    For the optimal development of your calves: Cosyhome Calf Igloos

    AGROTEL Calf Igloos and boxes offer your calves optimal protection from all weather conditions and allow them to grow up healthy and happy.

    Group Igloo, single igloo or calf box

    AGROTEL Calf Igloos have proven themselves as a solution for individual and group housing. The fresh air, plenty of light and the high flexibility due to the sophisticated design allow calves to grow up healthily and make the farmer’s daily work easier.

    Cosyhome Group Igloo

    The Cosyhome Group Igloo consists of:


    Model Overview

    The AGROTEL Cosyhome Group Igloos are available in 3 sizes depending on your needs.

    Cosyhome Single Igloo

    The Cosyhome Single Igloo consists of:

    Kälberiglu freistehend



    Igloo length: 199 cm

    Igloo width: 114 cm


    Outlet length: 106 cm

    Outlet width: 139 cm

    Tilting function for easy muck removal

    Cosyhome Calf Box

    The Cosyhome Calf Box consists of:

    Kälberhaltung in Kälberboxen für die ersten Lebenswochen


    Cosyhome Veranda

    The Cosyhome Veranda consists of:

    Kälberiglu freistehend


    • Inner dimensions: 5.0 x 5.0 m
    • Four-sided canopy construction: 0.81 m
    • Outer dimensions: 6.62 m x 6.62 m


    AGROTEL Calf Igloos and Boxes are used both as an extension to existing stable buildings or as a stand-alone solution.