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    Double Double Roll Up Door - WST11

    Max. length: 75 m / Max. height: 10 m


    Thanks to the minimal support structure required, the AGROTEL Double Double Roll Up Door is suitable for entrances to machine halls or storage halls up to 75 m in length.

    Construction of the Double Double Roll Up Door

    • Areas of application: Machine halls, storage halls with large openings
    • Max. width single-field: up to 8.75 m
    • Max. width multi-field: up to 75 m
    • Max. height: up to 10 m
    • Optional: movable bracing for more stability
    • Compact design, withstands high wind loads

    Up to 75 m length

    Our experienced staff from the in-house construction and statics department realize individual customer requirements up to maximum gateway widths.


    For all our products we use high-quality technical textiles, which are finished at our site in Lower Bavaria with the latest production machines.n.

    Improved working conditions

    Electric Roll Up Doors simplify cultivation management and create more pleasant working conditions.


    Double Double Roll Up Door (Max. length: 75 m / Max. height: 10 m)


    AGROTEL Roll Up Doors are individually customized and tailored to the requirements of agriculture, trade and industry.