Riding halls and round pen roofings

    Horses need exercise. Too little activity makes them sick. In order to be able to offer the animals sufficient exercise and training even in bad weather, you need an indoor riding arena, a covered outdoor arena or a sheltered round pen. We support you in optimising your riding facility.

    textile Retihallen mit viel Licht und Luft

    Riding hall construction - the most important factors

    Which riding style is practised? How many riders and horses use the hall at peak times? Should horse boxes be attached to the hall? Where do accesses and entrances and exits for machinery need to be located? When building riding halls, numerous aspects must be included in the planning from the very beginning.


    Depending on the riding style and discipline, different hall dimensions are required. AGROTEL riding halls are available in the standard size of 20 x 40 m as well as in any other size.

    Light incidence

    The greater the amount of daylight and the brighter the interior, the friendlier an indoor arena looks to horse and rider. A well-considered concept of natural light and artificial lighting is the optimal solution.

    Ceiling height and entrance height

    Ridge height, eaves height and the actual access height for machines, for example for ground maintenance, are important parameters that must be taken into account when planning the building.

    Climate conditions

    Wherever horse and rider move, heat and humidity are generated. A constant supply of fresh air via sufficiently large, air-permeable surfaces creates optimal climatic conditions and ideal training conditions.

    Gates and entrances

    As a rule, an indoor riding arena is accessible on at least one short side. Additional entrances and exits, for example for stowing training and obstacle material, facilitate the daily work.


    How can the rider get from the stables to the indoor arena or from the indoor arena to the riders' lounge next door without getting wet? Connecting pieces, additional gates and doors or storage space for training utensils, all this has to be taken into account at the planning stage.


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    Building types

    The following construction types are available for the construction of an indoor riding or exercise arena:

    Lattice Beam Hall

    Free-standing width up to 80 m

    Satteldachhalle aus Profilträgern freitragend

    Saddle Roof Beam Hall

    Free-standing width up to 30 m

    Lunging circle / round pen roofing

    Diameter self-supporting up to 22 m

    Monopitch Roof Hall

    Free-standing width up to 15 m

    Rundbogenhalle mit Rundrohren - Skizze

    Pipe Tunnel Hall

    Free-standing width up to 12 m

    Rundbogenhalle aus Profilträgern - Skizze

    Beam Tunnel Hall

    Free-standing width up to 15 m

    AGROTEL Exercise Halls - Comfort for Horse & Rider

    Indoor Riding Arena

    Riding halls in textile construction are built according to customer requirements and convince with exceptionally pleasant climatic conditions inside. Both classic show dimensions and special dimensions are possible.
    Due to the light roof covering, it is pleasantly bright inside. Gates and nets on the side walls protect against draughts in winter and provide optimal ventilation in summer.

    Perfect air and light conditions

    The combination of different light- and air-permeable materials ensures a pleasant indoor climate all year round.

    Large spans without supports

    The construction method of steel and technical textile allows large free-standing widths and maximum use of space inside.

    construction times

    After the building permit has been granted, our halls are completed within a few months.

    Lunging circle and round pen roofing

    Whether as a roof for a lunging arena, a horse walker or a combination of both. AGROTEL round pen roofs are an optimal way to train regardless of the weather. Optionally, the round pens can be equipped with roll-up wind protection nets or panels on the sides.

    All-year weather protection

    The Free-Standing Domed Roof protects your lunging zirkle and/or horse walker from wind and weather and enables year-round training.

    Natural brightness

    The light roof covering allows a lot of daylight to stream into the interior. In addition, side wind protection nets and curtains can be used.

    Durable and robust

    We give a manufacturer's guarantee of 10 years on our tarpaulins. However, our many years of experience in textile hall construction confirm that the high-quality textiles remain stable for far longer and meet their requirements.

    Light and fresh air through windbreak nets and curtains

    AGROTEL riding halls and round pens can be equipped with air- and light-permeable wind protection nets on the sides, depending on the requirements. We offer both permanently mounted panels and roll-up curtain systems and gates. This allows the hall to be opened up over a large area in summer.

    Of course, we also equip existing riding halls with wind protection systems.