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    Wind Protection System 1

    Max. length: 120 m / Max. height: 6 m

    WSS1 - System 1

    Our flexible roll-up curtain system ensures optimal light and air conditions in your stable building. Whether cattle barn, chicken coop or pig farms, with the AGROTEL wind protection system WSS1 you can create perfect conditions for the well-being of your animals.

    Sidewall ventilation or cladding

    • Suitable for areas where livestock is not kept next to the wall at all times
    • Length: 120 m
    • Height: 6 m
    • Winding method: opening from bottom to top
    • Type of drive: plug-in motor or geared motor
    • Optional: automatic sensor control system
    • Technical textile with either net, tarpaulin or a combination of both
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    Compact construction

    Our wind protection systems require little assembly space and can be installed by us or our contract partner in a very short time.


    With an optimized barn climate, the animals consume more feed, produce more milk and are less susceptible to diseases.

    Fresh air supply – without draughts

    The WSS1 is easy to operate and can be continuously rolled up or completely closed depending on wind and weather conditions.


    Wind protection system WSS1


    AGROTEL curtains provide light and air for livestock in farms around the world.