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    Pipe Tunnel Hall and Beam Tunnel Hall

    Tunnel Halls are flexible and versatile storage halls for agriculture, industry and commerce. They can be quickly assembled at almost any location, are free-standing and can often be anchored without concrete foundations.

    Flexible storage halls

    Our tunnel halls are suitable for numerous applications: as a storage hall for industry and agriculture, as a machine hall, as a silo covering, as a shelter for grazing animals and much more.

    Construction of the Tunnel Hall

    • Pipe Tunnel Hall or Beam Tunnel Hall depending on static and dimensional requirements
    • Round steel pipes or double-T-girders
    • Covering with high-quality polyester fabric: PVC-coating on both sides, absolute leak-tightness, tear-resistant, anti-mould treated, flame-retardant, UV-stable
    • More about our materials

    5 to 15 metres free-standing width

    Large free-standing span widths guarantee optimum use of the available storage space.

    Optimum cost performance ratio

    We guarantee a flexible and quick expansion of your storage capacities at a fair price with the highest quality.

    High-quality materials

    he supporting structure made of galvanised steel and the polyester fabric with plastic coating on both sides result in a high-quality and durable product - Made in Germany.

    Pipe Tunnel Hall

    Up to 12 m free-standing width

    Rundbogenhalle mit Rundrohren - Skizze

    The construction of the Steel Pipe Tunnel Hall consist of round pipes which are covered with a technical textile.

    2.5 inch pipe: very sturdy

    Beam Tunnel Hall

    Up to 15 m free-standing width

    The construction of the I-Beam Tunnel Hall consists of double-T-girders covered with a technical textile.

    IPE-beam: particularly resistant

    Flexible warehouse

    Quickly constructed and expandable in the event of increasing space requirements, and easy to relocate: Tunnel Halls are the perfect solution for rapidly increasing storage capacity requirements.

    Anchorage without concrete foundations

    Storage halls with membrane covering can be erected directly on the natural ground. The lightweight constructions are also ideal for roofing over existing mobile silos or for mounting on concrete walls and concrete blocks.

    Optimum use of space

    No disruptive columns: the free-standing construction makes efficient use of the covered area. Our expert advisors will consult you on the optimum size for the required storage capacity.

    Easy and fast assembly

    The assembly of our Tunnel Halls passes off easily within a few days - so the new storage space is available in short time. We will support you, regardless of whether you want a complete assembly carried out by our assembly team or you erect the hall by yourself.

    High-quality materials

    AGROTEL stands for high-quality, durable products. The Tunnel Halls are made of galvanised steel covered with polyester fabric with plastic coating on both sides.

    High wind loads and snow loads

    AGROTEL Tunnel Halls are also suitable for high wind and snow loads. Depending on the dimensions, we support you with a site-specific verifiable statical analysis.


    1 Anchoring Systems

    Different foundation options are possible depending on the location, ground conditions and structural requirements. AGROTEL Tunnel Halls are also perfect for roofing. Our Tunnel Halls are suitable for almost every surface.

    Gewichtsanker für Hallensysteme
    Anchorage by weight
    Erdnägel für Hallensysteme
    Ground nail
    Bolzenanker auf Betonfundament für Hallensysteme
    Bolt anchor on concrete foundation

    2 Technical textile

    • Polyester fabric with plastic coating on both sides, acrylic lacquered
    • Flame retardant, low flammability per EN 13501-1 2009   B-s2,d0
    • UV-stabilized, weather resistant, and high chemical resistance
    • High tear resistance, area stability and very good weld seam adhesion
    • Surface weight up to 1200 g/m² – in accordance with structural requirements
    • Production of the fabric in accordance with DIN18204-1 – high-frequency welded
    • More about our materials

    3 Supporting structure made of steel

    • Assessment of wind load and snow load depending on location per EUROCODE EC1 and EUROCODE EC3 (up to 5 kN snow load and up to wind zone 4)
    • Steel parts (S355) galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1491:2009
    • Hot galvanizing provides lasting protection against corrosion

    4 Colours

    The technical textile is available in various colours. Custom wishes such as lettering and logo printing can be realised upon request.

    Hallenplane weiß

    BHPVC 100 white

    Hallenplane grau

    BHPVC 370 anthracite

    Hallenplane grün

    BHPVC 171 moss green

    Hallenplane rot

    BHPVC 270 red

    5 Gables and Doors

    AGROTEL Tunnel Halls can be equipped with various textile gates and gables in accordance with customer requirements. The materials net and tarpaulin can be combined with each other as desired. This allows the realisation of different ventilation solutions. Light strips can be installed to ensure optimum brightness.

    AGROTEL Tunnel Halls


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    References in industry and commerce

    Logistics halls, machine halls, storage halls, bulk goods halls and much more.

    References in agriculture

    Hay storage, wood chip storage, machine hall, bulk storage, canopy for boxes, livestock shelters, timber storage or accessible roofing – there are no limits to the flexibility of our halls.

    Q & A

    Our aim is to offer you the best solution for your storage hall requirements with our Tunnel Halls. We are looking forward to advise you and provide you with a non-binding offer. From time to time, we also offer used Tunnel Halls. Just ask us! Our experienced sales force will visit you on site to find the best solution.

    Yes, Tunnel Halls can easily be moved to another location thanks to the fast assembly and dismantling time. Tunnel Halls with smaller dimensions can also be moved in one piece. Our halls can also be extended in length at any time. If storage needs increase, your arch hall can easily be extended.

    Depending on the dimensions, our Beam Tunnel Halls are suitable for up to wind load zone 4 and up to snow load zone 350 kg/m2 and more. We can provide you with verifiable statics on request.

    We grant a manufacturer’s guarantee of 10 years on the tarpaulin. Our long experience in textile hall construction shows us that the service life of our high-quality tarpaulins is 30 years, depending on the intended use.

    With an area of 100 m², the construction of a Tunnel Hall takes about one day.

    Yes, in principle self-assembly is possible. Assembly instructions are supplied with every AGROTEL Tunnel Hall.

    We can supply verifiable statics for Beam Tunnel Halls on request.

    This depends on the location of the Tunnel Hall. There are different regulations depending on the country and federal state. We are happy to advise you on these topics and also support you with the planning application, if necessary.

    Our delivery time for Tunnel Halls is normally between 4-10 weeks.

    In principle, anchoring without concrete foundations is possible. The type of foundation depends on the location of the hall, the soil conditions and the static requirements.

    Yes, our Tunnel Halls are perfectly suited as roofing for mobile silos. They can easily be fixed to existing side walls.

    In Tunnel Halls that are open on one side, natural ventilation is sufficient. For halls closed on both sides, there is the option of using textile nets in the gable area and gates and/or installing electrical or mechanical ventilation systems. This ensures optimal air quality inside the building.

    In some situations, the roofing of manure heaps is prescribed by law. In this case, Tunnel Halls are an uncomplicated, inexpensive and flexible solution. Our coverings can easily be mounted on concrete walls or concrete blocks.


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