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    Max. length: 80 m / Max. height: 4.5 m

    WSS3 - System 3

    AGROTEL Thermocurtains can be filled with air at low temperatures. Their insulating function makes them the optimal solution for stables in cold regions or in wind-exposed locations.

    Insulated barn ventilation system

    • For milking parlours and waiting areas in regions with low temperatures or wind-
    • exposed locations
    • Max. length: 80 m
    • Max. height: 4.5 m
    • Winding method: opening from top to bottom
    • Can be opened up to 30 cm in insulated position
    • Type of drive: plug-in motor or geared motor
    • For summer operation the system can be driven all the way down

    Thermal and acoustic insulation

    The air-filled chambers of the Thermocurtains protect against cold and at the same time have a noise-insulating function.

    Durability & Robustness

    AGROTEL windbreak systems impress with their stable construction. The high-quality technical textiles are tear-resistant, weatherproof and flame-retardant.

    Fresh air even in cold weather

    Even in cool temperatures, farm animals need light and air. You can create the perfect conditions with the Thermocurtain.

    Thermocurtain - Curtain-System für Ställe mit Luftkammern zur Isolierung

    Wind protection system WSS3 with insulating air chambers


    AGROTEL’s Thermocurtains insulate when needed and protect your animals from wind and cold.