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    Ventilation Door

    Max. length: 30 m / Max. height: 6 m

    WSS 5.1 - System 5.1

    The combination of side ventilation and access door ensures optimal light and air conditions and facilitates management through flexible entry options. The type of installation requires little mounting space.

    Ventilation, shading & access door

    • Max. length: 30 m
    • Max. height: 6 m
    • Installation with roller guides (like roll up doors)
    • Winding method: all-rounder, opening possible from top and bottom
    • Middle position for shading, open position for entrance door
    • Complete ventilation and shading functionality
    • Technical textile is made of tarpaulin
    • Type of drive: plug-in motor
    • Optional: automatic sensor control system

    System width 30 m and more

    The centrally placed winding shaft gives the wind protection system additional stability. Wide span widths enable entry and passage.

    Simplified management

    The combination of wind protection, shading and access door relieves the farmer's daily workload.

    Little mounting space needed

    Due to the roller guide installation, the WSS5.1 needs very little mounting space.


    Wind Protection System WSS5.1 – Ventilation Door