Halls for the construction industry

    The requirements for halls in the construction industry are as varied as the building projects, which are implemented in a whole range of different areas. Production halls, warehouses, machine halls – every hall solution must meet individual requirements.

    Pultdachhalle als Schüttgutüberdachung für das Baugewerbe

    Storage and logistics halls

    Not all building materials are the same. The storage of building materials requires well thought-out, flexible hall systems that are specially tailored to the characteristics of the stored goods. Numerous factors determine the choice for an optimal storage solution:

    General cargo, bulk material or liquid?

    Volume of the product / raw material

    Free-flowing characteristics and abrasiveness

    Pressure conditions and compaction

    Climatic requirements

    Moisture resistance

    Individual storage solutions for the construction industry

    Depending on the nature of the product or raw material, AGROTEL offers individually developed storage concepts that meet the high demands of the construction industry in terms of functionality and cost-effectiveness. Our hall systems are made of high quality technical textiles, ensuring fast construction. This allows us to react to your additional storage needs in the shortest possible time.

    Bulk storage

    AGROTEL bulk storage solutions can be realised as a complete hall system with textile side walls, or as a roofing. In both cases, the possibilities cover tunnel-constructions, double-T girders and lattice girders, which allow large unsupported spans. Depending on the dimensions, the required unloading height and the static requirements, different roof shapes can be realised. Monopitched roofs, saddle roofs or arched roofs are usually mounted on concrete blocks and, if required, completed with partition walls.

    For the flexible management of bulk storage facilities, we also offer mobile bulk walls that can be used as area partitions.

    General cargo storage

    Stackable building materials or products require halls with a large storage volume, maximum space utilisation and systematically thought-out entrances and exits for large machines. Good lighting conditions and a regulated interior climate not only increase storage quality, but also create pleasant working conditions. We pay precise attention to these details when building our saddle roof halls made of technical textiles with a double-T-girder or lattice girder construction made of corrosion-resistant steel. Together with you, we plan the optimal storage hall for your construction business.

    Insulated textile production halls

    A production hall is the heart of a company. Therefore, it must offer exactly the conditions necessary to achieve maximum functionality and economic efficiency. This is where our textile hall construction fits in perfectly: different types of construction enable precise adaptation to the usage requirements. An additional interior membrane can be inserted in order to be able to individually control the temperature in the interior of the hall.

    Efficiently planned production halls

    By building a textile production hall from AGROTEL, you lay the foundation for efficient production processes:

    • Short distances, integrated storage space
    • Ventilation systems create pleasant working conditions for your employees
    • Insulation through internal membrane
    • Operational regulations are taken into account
    • We make all the necessary arrangements for technical equipment (lighting, production machinery, electronics)
    • Flexibility in floor plan design and later expansion options