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    Big Rib Roll Up Door- WST9

    Max. width: 21 m / Max. height: 8 m


    The Big Rib Roll Up Door is a fast-moving door with high opening and closing speed, making it the optimal solution for entrances to stables, garages and machine halls.

    Construction of the Big Rib Roll Up Door

    • Areas of application: Feeding table, garage, machine hall
    • Single-field width: 7 m
    • Multi-field width: 21 m
    • Height: 8 m
    • Integrated stiffening tubes for extra stability
    • The pipes are guided laterally in U-profiles with sealing brushes
    • Radio remote control available
    • Type of drive: geared motor

    Up to 21 m

    Our multi-field system enables us to realize individual customer requirements with maximum space for gateways.

    Robust &

    Stiffening tubes give the high-quality technical textiles special stability.

    Pleasant working conditions

    Thanks to the geared motor, the wide Roll Up Door can be opened and closed quickly. This facilitates the cultivation management and creates more pleasant working conditions.


    Big Rib Roll Up Door WST9 (Max. width: 21 m; Max. height: 8 m)


    AGROTEL Big Rib Roll Up Doors are flexible, extremely resilient and, can be used in a variety of ways, thanks to individual customization.