Chicken farming

    Poultry, mainly chickens, are the most important farm animals worldwide. A large part is bred for meat production, another part for laying eggs. Depending on the destination, completely different rearing and husbandry methods are required.

    Characteristics of chicken farming

    EU legislation

    EU regulations form the legal framework for chicken farming in the EU. They apply to food safety, public and animal health, environmental protection, trade and marketing standards, and animal welfare throughout the production process.

    Indoor husbandry

    Chicken fattening in the EU is predominantly done in barn systems on litter. However, alternative farming systems (free-range and organic production) are gaining more and more importance.

    Large farms

    The profitability of chicken fattening farms increases with the number of animals. There are now farms with up to 100,000 chickens.

    Intensive fattening systems

    Characterised by a high stocking density (approx. 15 broiler chickens / square metre) and a high growth rate (fast-growing breeds produced by genetic selection).

    Now that consumers and politicians are calling for an improvement in animal welfare in the keeping of broiler chickens, there is a trend, albeit a slow one, towards extensive farming systems.

    Conditions of extensive/organic chicken fattening:

    Fewer animals, more space


    Outdoor climate and outdoor area

    Organic occupation material

    Fresh air supply

    Low pollutant gas content

    Optimum stable climate with AGROTEL curtains

    Regulating air, light and shade as desired

    The barn climate plays an important role to keep animal welfare as high as possible during the fattening process. Temperature, humidity and pollutant gas content are determined by parameters depending on the fattening age.

    This requires the division into different functional areas (stable, outdoor climate area, outdoor area) by means of adjustable partitions. AGROTEL’s roll-up wind protection systems offer the optimal solution, because they are extremely flexible and versatile.

    Textile stable construction from AGROTEL: spacious, airy, flooded with light

    New building, extension or barn on wheels?

    With our textile housing systems, we can realise your chicken coop, precisely tailored to your wishes. Whether side wall ventilation, outdoor area or mobile house solutions – our experience and expertise in textile stable construction enables us to meet your individual requirements.