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    Wind Protection System 5

    Max. length: 100 m / Max. height: 6 m

    WSS5 - System 5

    Flexible, robust wind protection system with drive-through option. The Wind protection System 5 with central rewind shaft offers additional stability and is suitable for system lengths of up to 100 metres.

    Wind protection and shading

    • Offers multiple possibilities, versatile applications
    • Complete ventilation and shading functionality
    • length: 100 m
    • height: 6 m
    • span width / gateway width: 5 m
    • Winding method: all-rounder, opening possible from top and bottom, middle position for shading
    • Technical textile is made of tarpaulin
    • Type of drive: plug-in motor or geared motor
    • Optional: automatic sensor control system

    Up to 100 m System Width

    The centrally placed winding shaft gives the wind protection system additional stability and forms the optimum solution for large side openings.


    Due to the span width up to 5 m, the system can also be used as entrance and exit.

    Avoid disruptions

    Disruptive factors such as dust, harmful gases, excessive humidity or heat stress are no longer a problem with AGROTEL Curtains.


    Wind Protection System WSS5


    AGROTEL Wind protection Systems with central rewind shaft are used where large span widths and heights are required.