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    Agrartore Rolltore für die Landwirtschaft

    Dairy barn with 6 Roll Up Doors

    This newly built dairy barn in Lower Bavaria was equipped with six ribbed roll up doors. They manage the entry and exit to the service aisle and to the lying areas.

    Storage hall on silo wall

    To store firewood and machinery, the Steinkellner family in Styria unceremoniously built a saddle-roofed hall directly on top of the already existing silo walls.

    Animal welfare calf barn in Italy

    The Canegrati family lives in Italy, near Milan. It can be hot in the summer, but the calves are still cool.

    Dairy barn Faust

    In Niederweiler in Hunsrück, the Faust family has created a paradise for themselves. The farm offers space for 200 dairy cows, several cattle and calves, 35 chickens, 2 dogs, a tomcat, and the family of 6.

    Agrotel Windschutzsysteme, Curtains und textile Tore

    Animal welfare dairy barn Riegler

    The modern cattle and dairy barn of the Riegler family in Styria is a showcase farm for professional cattle breeding and dairy farming.

    Animal welfare pig farm Hofmeyer

    The Hofmeyer family runs an animal welfare pigsty with 1496 fattening places in Hofgeismar-Carlsdorf. The goal: comfort and well-being for humans and animals.


    AREG – recycling on a grand scale

    As a specialist in disposal services, AREG mbh requires well thought-out storage areas for a wide range of recycling materials.

    Logistics centre for Palme Duschabtrennungen GmbH

    The Palme Group, headquartered in Upper Austria, develops and produces shower enclosures and sanitary partitions. AGROTEL built a new logistics centre for the family-owned company to provide more storage space and improved delivery times.

    Holz Schiller GmbH warehouses

    Two timber warehouses have already been built for Holz Schiller GmbH in Regen, Lower Bavaria. The manufacturer of glued laminated timber and innovative timber components is one of the largest in Europe.

    JAGA’s animal welfare barn

    Josef and Christina Neuhold’s new low-emission pig welfare barn was awarded the Styrian Animal Welfare Prize because the animals can follow their natural needs whenever they want.

    Böhner family Calf Home

    Fresh air, lightness and simplified work management make Lukas Böhner and his calves happy. Find out more in the interview!

    BES – Bayreuth waste disposal service

    Teaser: AGROTEL has built a 36 m long monopitch roof hall for the professional storage of commercial waste for the regional waste disposal specialist BES.

    Round pen and indoor riding arena in the Eifel

    Teaser: A covered round pen with a diameter of 20 m and a 20 x 40 m indoor riding arena were built so that the horses at the Hüllen boarding stable can be exercised and trained in winter as well as in summer.

    Machine hall Einböck GmbH

    The Upper Austrian company Einböck is one of the leading producers of agricultural machinery in Austria. A beam hall with a floor area of 450 m2 was built to expand the storage capacities.

    Beam Tunnel Hall at the Bamberger vineyard

    Christian Bamberg’s vineyard in Rhineland-Palatinate is one of the best in Germany. He needs special machines to cultivate his vineyards, which he keeps well protected in a beam tunnel hall near the wine press room.

    Milchviehhaltung unte rSatteldach mit freitragendem Vordach

    Königbauer dairy cattle

    For the new construction of their cowshed, the Königbauer family decided on an innovative overall concept of technical textiles. Curtains, door systems, well thought-out wall coverings and cow comfort solutions create perfect conditions for the farmer and his animals.

    Moser dairy barn, Bayerbach

    A total of four different wind-protection systems enrich the stables of the Moser family in Bayerbach. Each system has its own purpose: ventilation, shading, entry and exit or a combination of several functions.

    Free-Standing Domed Roof for the Steinhögl family

    To cover their slurry tank, the Steinhögl family relies on a textile AGROTEL Domed Roof. The self-supporting construction fulfils two tasks: it increases economic efficiency and contributes to climate protection.

    REMONDIS Recycling – Bulk Storage Hall

    As a global specialist in the recycling of glass and plastic waste into raw materials, REMONDIS needs a sophisticated storage system. A new monopitch roof hall for storing bulk materials was built at the site in Edenkoben near Mannheim to address this.

    AGROTEL Reithalle mit viel Licht und Luft im Inneren

    Riding Hall for Muhr western horses

    Riding halls made of technical textiles meet all the requirements that working with horses entails. For the indoor riding arena at the Muhr facility in Lower Austria, these were: plenty of space, light and fresh air.

    Doppelte Pultdachhalle als Boxenüberdachung für Schüttgutlager im Baugewerbe

    PORR Construction GmbH

    AGROTEL erected a double monopitch roof hall with a total of 20 separate areas for bulk material storage for PORR Mischanlagen GmbH.

    Stadler dairy cattle barn

    The cows feel at home in Josef Stadler’s playpen. Several wind-protection systems provide 24/7 light and air supply.

    Double Membrane Gas Storage Bio-Energie Greimel

    For the largest biomass power plant in the district of Dorfen near Munich, AGROTEL erected two Double Membrane Gas Storage tanks with a large storage volume and high safety standards.


    Cosyhome calf home with the Waibel family

    A new calf health barn in Vorarlberg. The Waibel family’s AGROTEL Cosyhome calf home makes calves and farmer happy.

    Ziegenhaltung in textilem AGROTEL Ziegenstall mit Curtains

    Goldberg Goat Farm

    The goats from Ziegenhof Goldberg enjoy fresh air, lots of light and a great view in their new stable extension.