Calf Husbandry

    A well thought-out housing and rearing concept is indispensable for calves to develop into productive animals. We support you in planning everything from single igloos to a complete calf stable system.

    Kälberhaltung individuell planen mit Agrotel Kälberstall

    The demands of a calf on its environment

    In order to raise calves as easily as possible and in an animal-friendly manner, to avoid diseases and to create optimal conditions for high productivity in the future, the following husbandry conditions have to be considered.

    Freedom of movement

    A prescribed amount of space applies to single and group pens. Calves must be able to lie down, stand up and adopt a natural posture freely.

    Optimal stable climate

    The perfect temperature range for calves is 4 - 20 °C. In addition, a well-designed ventilation system should guarantee sufficient fresh air supply, without draughts.

    Light Incidence

    There is a prescribed light intensity in calf husbandry. This must be 80 lux for at least 10 hours a day in the housing area of the calves.

    Systematic feeding

    Holders for water buckets and concentrated feed as well as a hay rack make it easier to feed the calves and reduce feed losses.


    It is important to keep the infection pressure as low as possible, particularly in the case of newborns. Regular cleaning and disinfection of the respective enclosure system are very important.

    Optimised lying areas

    Calves need a dry, littered lying area that protects them from the cold of the floor and is not exposed to draughts.

    AGROTEL Calf Husbandry - Animal welfare for every stage of life

    We offer you solutions from single housing to group housing to individual stable systems.

    Single Igloos and Calf Boxes

    Keeping calves in specific calf boxes in the first weeks of life is permitted and common. It corresponds to their natural behaviour, prevents social stress and minimises the risk of infection.

    AGROTEL Cosyhome Single Igloos or Calf Boxes, in combination with straw bedding and a small outlet, provide the necessary protection for newborns. They can be placed anywhere and are easy to clean and disinfect.

    Group Igloos for social contacts

    From the third week of life, when the change to group management is possible, group igloos enable the calves to socialise and at the same time provide the required protection. AGROTEL Cosyhome Group Igloos can be mounted flexibly, can be extended and can be covered with the Cosyhome Veranda for additional heat protection.

    An innovative animal welfare barn for happy calves

    The optimal calf stable combines two things: animal welfare and easy management. That’s why the concept of the AGROTEL Cosyhome Calf Home takes into account all animal welfare factors such as light, air, space, hygiene and feeding, while the innovative construction enables efficient one-man management.


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