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    Smart Clima

    The intelligent app control for an optimal stable climate.

    Increase efficiency and animal welfare via app

    With the Smart Clima App, you have your stable climate perfectly under control from any location. The digital climate control increases comfort for animal and farmer.

    Climate control from any location

    • Sensors for measuring: Temperature, wind force and rain
    • Manual opening and closing of the curtains
    • OR Automation by sensor technology: Depending on the set temperature and the specified max. wind speed, the curtains open and close automatically.
    • The current curtain position can be called up at any time.
      Warning signal via push message in case of strong wind and rain
    • Recording and evaluation of long-term climate data


    Convenient control and automation of the stable climate through precise sensor technology.

    Access to all data

    Statistics and long-term climate values help to optimise the stable climate in the long term.

    More comfort

    A good stable climate ensures healthy and productive animals. At the same time, the app makes work easier for the farmer.