Textile Doors

    Sliding Door – WST2

    Max. width: 18 m
    Max. height: 6 m

    AGROTEL’s manually sliding doors are ideal for large, low-traffic openings on halls, warehouses, industrial buildings and stables.


    Sliding Curtain – WST1

    Max. width: 10 m
    Max. height: 4.0 m

    AGROTEL curtains made of high-quality technical textiles are the optimal solution for fast closing and bracing of smaller openings and gateways that are less frequented.

    Handzugtor: Manuell zu öffnendes Tor mit Handkettenzug

    Manual Chain Pull Gate – WST3

    Max. width: 4,5 m
    Max. height: 4,5 m

    The door with a manual hand chain hoist as drive is a cost-effective solution for low-traffic openings on halls, industrial buildings and stables.

    Double Roll Up Door – WST4

    Max. width: 50 m (multi-field system)
    Max. height: 6 m

    The electric roll up door – made to measure for your machine hall or storage hall with large openings. AGROTEL Roll Up Doors are highly flexible, extremely resilient products – even for very large dimensions.


    Double Double Roll Up Door – WST11

    Max. width: 75 m (multi-field system)
    Max. height: 10 m

    Thanks to the low support requirement, the AGROTEL roll-up doors are very well suited to entrances to machine halls or storage halls with enormous widths.


    Rip Roll Up Door – WST7

    Max. width: 4.5 m
    Max. height: 6 m

    The fast-running electric roll up door with radio remote control for machine halls, storage halls, industrial halls, stable entrances and service aisles.


    Big Rib Roll Up Door- WST9

    Max. width: 21 m (multi-field system)
    Max. height: 8 m

    The AGROTEL Big Rib Roll Up Door is a fast-running roll up door with high opening and closing speed and thus the optimal solution for service entrances in stables, garages and machine halls.

    Folding Door – WST6

    Max. width: 25 m (central stiffening columns)
    Max. height: 10 m

    For industrial halls, storage halls or machine halls, the motor-driven folding door allows large entrance widths with maximum stability.

    Doors made of tarpaulin – Advantages


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