AGROTEL Environmental technology Gas storage Storage Solutions

    External Gas Storage

    External gas storage tanks provide additional storage volume to compensate for fluctuations in production, consumption fluctuations, or volume changes due to varying temperatures.

    Additional storage volume

    AGROTEL External Gas Storage Tanks for use in enclosed spaces or covered areas can be manufactured in various geometric shapes and are available in volumes from 5 to 5000 m3.

    Storage volume



    High tear resistance

    The very good weld seam adhesion, guarantees optimum surface stability for the membrane.

    Flame retardant

    Our technical textiles are flame retardant (B1 per DIN 4102 (B1, S2, d0) and EN 13501-1) and non-dripping.

    Special membrane

    Gas Storage Tanks are made of a special membrane. The technical textile is a polyester fabric with a plastic coating on both sides and acrylic paint.


    For our external gas storage tanks, we use technical textiles that are UV-stable, gas-resistant and anti-mould treated.

    Surface weight 830 g/m²

    The robust fabric tarpaulin is ideally suited to long-term use. It is absolutely waterproof durable and cleanable.

    High-frequency welding

    The precise welding technique ensures optimum leak-tightness, which is tested before every delivery.


    AGROTEL External Gas Storages can be manufactured in any shape in accordance with your wishes and requirements.