Smart Clima App Control

    With the Loxone Smart Clima App, you have your stable climate perfectly under control from any location. The digital climate control increases comfort for animal and farmer.


    Light-Ventilation Ridge

    The AGROTEL Light Ventilation Ridge completes the natural ventilation concept. The innovative system creates a very good chimney effect that extracts stale air efficiently. The natural thermals of the barn are used optimally.

    Silo Schani

    The Agrotel “Silo Schani” facilitates and mechanises the covering after loading the silo or removing fodder in fixed silo systems.


    Cosyhome Calf Igloos

    AGROTEL Calf Igloos and boxes offer your calves optimal protection from all weather conditions and allow them to grow up healthy and happy.

    Kuhmatratze für eine Stehfläche

    Comfortex Cow Mattress

    The AGROTEL cow comfort mattress was developed to improve the well-being of the animals. More lying comfort leads to healthy and happy animals and increased milk yield.

    SoftCareMat – passageway flooring

    AGROTEL Stable Mats for walkways, milking parlours, horse stables and much more, are an investment in ecological and species-appropriate husbandry for your animals.

    Schlauchlüftung in Kälberstall

    SOFTAIR & COOLAIR Hose Ventilation System

    Ventilating and cooling with SOFTAIR and COOLAIR. AGROTEL Hose Ventilation Systems are a cost-saving yet efficient way to improve the supply of fresh air in your stable.

    System zur automatishcen Futtervorlage

    Feeding System

    With AGROTEL’s Feeding System, the forage is raised and pushed back smooth with a tarpaulin so that the cattle have constant access to the silage or hay.

    Mobile Bulk Storage: TexWall & WoodTex

    AGROTEL Mobile Bulk Storage Walls are versatile. They can be used for the mobile management of bulk storages, as partitioning or as protection for walls or for storing cereals and oilseeds.

    Amphibian Protection Fence

    The AGROTEL Amphibian Protection Fence prevents endangered amphibian and reptile species from entering the road and directs them to the trapping tanks, which are inspected daily.