AGROTEL Smart Solutions Bulk Storage

    Mobile Bulk Storage: TexWall & WoodTex

    AGROTEL Mobile Bulk Storage Walls are versatile. They can be used for the mobile management of bulk storages, as partitioning or as protection for walls or for storing cereals and oilseeds.

    Flexible bulk storage walls

    We offer two solutions for the storage of bulk material: TexWall for grain and oil crops, and WoodTex for wood chip storage. The air-permeable WoodTex membrane is also well suited for drying ventilation.

    AGROTEL Schüttgutwände TexWall

    TexWall is especially suitable for the storage of cereals and oilseeds. The modules are available in two heights: 2.40 m and 3.00 m.

    TexWall - construction

    Schüttgutwände TexWall
    • Height: 2.4 m, 3 m resp.
    • Depth: 1.0 m, 1.5 m resp.
    • Element spacing: 1.9 m, 1.5 m resp.

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    TexWall – mobile bulk storage wall

    • Specially developed for the storage of oilseed crops, maize and cereals
    • Modules in two stand heights (2.4 m and 3.0 m)
    • Available in any length
    • Easy and quick assembly, disassembly and expansion
    • No floor fixing and no tensioning necessary

    Individual customisation

    TexWall Bulk Walls can be flexibly adapted to the customer's requirements.

    Simple self-assembly

    TexWall Bulk Walls are quickly assembled or dismantled, if relocation is necessary.

    High-quality materials

    The breathable membrane is extremely robust and tear-resistant.

    AGROTEL Schüttgutwände WoodTex

    WoodTex Walls are primarily suitable for wood chips and, thanks to the lateral air supply, allow them to be stored outdoors. Protection against rain is guaranteed by a membrane cover.


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    WoodTex - Construction

    Schüttgutwände WoodTex
    • Height: 3 m
    • Depth: 1.5 m
    • Element spacing: 1.9 m

    WoodTex – breathable bulk storage wall

    • Technically and practically sophisticated system for the storage of wood chips
    • Air-permeable mesh side walls ensure lateral ventilation
    • Cover: diffusion-permeable membrane, which removes moisture to the outside, but does not allow rain to penetrate to the wood chips
    • A gravel base is sufficient for fastening
    • Modular construction, can be extended as required

    Long-lasting investment

    The investment in WoodTex pays off because you can dismantle, move or convert the bulk walls at any time.

    Competent implementation

    We will advise you on your requirements and find the perfect solution for your storage project.

    High-quality materials

    The cover and side material are made of high-quality technical textiles.


    AGROTEL’s Mobile Bulk Walls are used in mobile silos, for wood chip storage, for grain storage, but also as area partitions.