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    Efficient gas tank: Double Membrane Gas Storage

    The success and the efficiency of the AGROTEL Double Membrane Gas Storage are due to it’s robust design and the proven interaction of the individual components.

    Gas storage with double membrane

    AGROTEL Double Membrane Gas Storages are constructed for high operating pressures and meet the safety requirements for biogas plants (TRAS120) of the German Federal Ministry for Environment. Depending on the requirements, we implement storage volumes of 29 %, 33 %, 40 % and 50 %.

    Robust design

    The proven interaction of the individual components ensures maximum stability, even with high wind and snow loads.

    Short construction time

    Our "all from one source principle" allows us to respond flexibly and quickly to individual customer requests and guarantees short delivery and construction times.

    High-quality materials

    For our gas storage solutions we use high-quality technical textiles, which are made up at our site in Lower Bavaria, using the latest production machinery.


    1 Outer membrane
    2 Inner membrane
    3 Belt substructure with net
    4 Concrete column with concrete protection WireTarp
    5 Stainless steel (1.4571) elevation
    6 Supporting air
    7 Gas storage
    8 Concrete protection WireTarp
    9 Over-pressure and under-pressure valve
    10 Filling level indicator
    11 Supply air pipe
    12 Ex-proof supporting air blower

    Wall mounting on concrete container

    1 Outer membrane
    2 Inner membrane
    3 Belt
    4 Stainless steel profiles
    5 Cellular seal

    Wall mounting on metal container


    High frequency welded PVC-membrane

    Our technical textiles are high-frequency welded per DIN 18204-1. During the welding process, the highest temperature is applied directly at the seam, creating an optimal bond.


    For gas storage membranes we use technical textiles that are UV-resistant, weatherproof, gas-resistant and anti-mould treated.

    Fabric types in accordance with requirements

    Our high-quality technical membranes are selected in accordance with static and operational requirements.

    Flame retardant

    Our technical textiles are flame retardant (B1) and non-dripping.

    High tear resistance

    Due to the special process of pre-stretching during tarpaulin production, our technical textiles guarantee optimum surface stability.

    Metal components made of stainless steel

    All metal components such as centre support, screw connection and fastening technology are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

    Storage volume


    AGROTEL double membrane gas storage tanks are used in the field of environmental technology, but also in industry and commerce.