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    More cow comfort, higher milk yield: Comfortex Cow Mattress

    The AGROTEL Comfortex Cow Mattress has been developed to improve the animal‘s well-being. Healthy animals are more productive.

    Welfare for Animals is our job

    The solutions developed by AGROTEL for walking and lying surfaces are investments that pay off. The Comfortex Cow Mattress is a hygienic and non-slip pad for raised stalls that improves the lying comfort of your animals, thus increasing milk yield.

    Features of the AGROTEL Comfortex Cow Mattress

    • Suitable for both young cattle and cows
    • Two-piece design: mattress base and mattress cover
    • Covering material: extremely robust special PP fabric
    • DLG-tested

    Lying comfort

    AGROTEL Cow Mattresses prevent injuries, especially abrasions caused by hard lying surfaces.


    The Comfortex Cow Mattress cover is impermeable to liquids and can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.


    The textured surface of the top layer ensures absolute slip resistance even when wet or dirty.

    Structure of the AGROTEL Cow Mattress

    Version 1: PE fabric hoses filled with rubber granules

    Kuhmatratze Aufbau

    Length: 180 cm or 190 cm
    Width: Endlosbahn
    Strenght: 60 mm

    Version 2: Polylatex

    Kuhmatratze Aufbau

    Length: 165 cm (young cattle)
    Length: 185 cm (dairy cattle)
    Width: no limit
    Strengtg: 35 mm

    Version 3: PU-foam

    Kuhmatratze Aufbau

    Lenght: 185 cm
    Width: no limit
    Strength: 55 mm

    Material Comfortex filling

    3 filling options

    Option 1: PE fabric hoses filled with rubber granules
    Option 2: Foam
    Option 3: Polylatex sheets

    Material Comfortex top layer

    Non-slip special PP fabric

    The woven structure together with a non-slip coating provides a non-slip surface ensuring stable footing for the animals.

    Well fixed

    The installation is carried out as a compound with PVC strips and stainless steel screws. This prevents the mattresses from slipping or shifting.

    2000 g/m2 surface weight

    The woven polypropylene has a high surface weight and is therefore extremely robust and resistant.

    Long-term elasticity

    AGROTEL Comfortex Cow Mattresses with rubber granulate filling form a particularly soft surface without hollows.

    Moisture-resistant bottom

    Bottom material with moisture-impermeable PP coating.


    Our AGROTEL Comfortex cow mattresses make lying more enjoyable for young cattle and cows all over the world.