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    Innovative Silo Covering System: AGROTEL Silo Schani

    Versatile system for mechanising the covering and the removal of fodder in fixed bunker silos.

    Easy silo covering and uncovering

    The AGROTEL Silo Schani consists of a mobile winding device that can be picked up by a lifting device, such as a front loader, to cover the silo. For fodder removal, the PV-powered winding tube can be rolled up step by step, while the system slides backwards on rollers along the silo wall.

    Features of the Silo Schani

    • Mechanises the covering after loading the silo or removing fodder in fixed silo systems
    • Shades and covers cut areas, protecting them from weather influences
    • Particularly suitable for sandwich silage
    • For covering you can either use a conventional silage tarpaulin or the robust AGROTEL Silage Tarpaulin, which is reusable and therefore sustainable
    • Convenient operation via remote control

    Flexible adaptation

    By changing the winding shaft, the Silo Schani can be adapted to several silo widths.

    Long-lasting investment

    In combination with the fabric-reinforced, reusable AGROTEL Silage Tarpaulin, the Silo Schani is an investment for the future.

    Reduced workload

    The innovative system mechanises and facilitates daily working routines.

    1 Winding tube

    2 Gear motor

    3 Battery with PV module

    4 Fabric tarpaulin with underlay

    5 Transport frame



    Consists of a gear motor, a PV module and a 12 volt battery, which is designed for a continuous load of max. 30 min.

    Winding tube

    Consists of a steel tube, also hot-dip galvanised, which is guided on both sides of the chassis units and is driven by the motor.

    Double chassis

    A chassis unit sits on two solid rubber double wheels, which are firmly connected to each other by the transport frame and where each one has a holding device for the winding tube.

    Transport frame

    Consists of a sturdy hot-dip galvanised shaped tube to which the customer can install the holder for the lifting and transport equipment.


    Our Silo Schani was developed with a practical focus and has already proven its worth on several agricultural enterprises. Together with farmers, we are constantly working on the further development of the mechanical silo cover system.