AGROTEL Smart Solutions Animal Welfare

    Feeding System

    The AGROTEL Feeding System allows you to steer the feed rations seamlessly to the cattle. The animals thus have easy access to the food without additional work for the farmer.

    Automatic Feed Supply

    With AGROTEL’s Feeding System, the forage is raised and pushed back smooth with a tarpaulin so that the cattle have constant access to the silage or hay. Manual pushing of the feed is no longer necessary.


    • Food-safe PVC tarpaulin
    • Fastening with lifting ropes
    • When the tarpaulin is completely lowered, it can be driven over with the tractor or the forage wagon to distribute the forage.
    • The upper winding shaft lifts the the tarpaulin on one side so that the animals have constant access to the feed.
    • Protection of the feed from sunlight

    Workload reduction for the farmer

    The feed supply system can be operated automatically. Manual feeding is no longer necessary.

    Long-lasting freshness

    The tarpaulin protects the feed from sunlight and drying out. It stays tasty and fresh.

    Easier access to feed

    The automated system allows the feed ration to be pushed to the cattle continuously. Thus, the animals have continuous access to the feed at the desired times.


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    AGROTEL’s automatic Feeding System system has been used successfully in cow and calf barns for years.