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    Concrete refurbishment for existing tanks: SaniTarp

    The perfect solution to retrospectively protect the concrete walls of biogas fermenters requiring renovation.

    Concrete refurbishment SaniTarp

    With AGROTEL’s SaniTarp concrete refurbishment membrane, we renovate defective concrete surfaces and coatings in fermenters, slurry tanks and gas storage tanks to protect your plant from chemical attack.

    Weather-independent refurbishment

    SaniTarp can be installed quickly and easily, in any weather.

    Optimum price-performance ratio

    AGROTEL SaniTarp is a cost-effective and efficient renovation system for existing tanks.

    Reliable protection against corrosion

    The SaniTarp concrete refurbishment membrane retrospectively and sustainably protects concrete walls of biogas tanks against corrosion.


    1 SaniTarp concrete repair membran

    2 Weld over mounting

    3 Crown protection

    4 Stainless steel (1.4571) fixings



    SaniTarp consists of a gas-tight and media-resistant PP coating. The complete sealing of the concrete elements prevents further corrosion and forms long-term protection.

    Fabric base

    A fabric base made of PP covers all mechanical requirements.

    Strong resistance

    SaniTarp lines the area of the container wall that is permanently in contact with gas. Thanks to high-quality material components, it can withstand acid attack over an extended period of time.

    Chemical and thermal protection

    Hydrogen sulphide causes serious damage to concrete walls in inadequately protected fermenters or secondary fermenter tanks. The polypropylene concrete refurbishment protection membrane protects your tank from these attacks.

    Reliable protection against corrosion

    Tank refurbishment with SaniTarp can take place in all weather conditions. The resistant membrane is fixed with stainless steel fasteners which are also non-corrosive. Thanks to the short installation time, the tank can be quickly put back into operation.



    Our SaniTarp concrete protection membrane is used on concrete walls of biogas plants that are affected by corrosion.