AGROTEL Smart Solutions Animal Welfare

    Amphibian Protection Fence

    Together, we help frogs and toads to find their way. Our amphibians protection fence protects amphibians that migrate across the road to reach their waters during the spawning season.

    Protection fence for amphibians

    The AGROTEL Amphibian Protection Fence prevents endangered amphibian and reptile species from entering the road and directs them to the trapping tanks, which are inspected daily.

    Amphibian Protection Fence – Construction

    Why an AGROTEL amphibian protection fence?

    Cannot be tunnelled under

    An integrated rail at the bottom, which can be buried if required, prevents animals from tunnelling under the fence.


    The fabric tarpaulin used is UV resistant as well as snow and storm proof.

    No climbing

    The mesh fabric does not provide any adhesion and thus prevents animals from climbing over the fence. In addition, a climb-over protection can be attached.


    The AGROTEL Amphibian Protection Fence can be extended at any time and can also be used in difficult terrain.

    Easy to install

    The Amphibian Protection Fence is easy to set up and can be connected without gaps using a Velcro strip.


    The high-quality technical textile fabric guarantees a service life of at least 15 years.


    Standard version

    Used during frog migration

    Version with one-sided overrun protection

    Used for newt migration and young animals

    Version with two-sided overrun protection

    Used for resettlement