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    Sliding Curtain - WST1

    Max. length: 10 m / Max. height: 4.0 m


    AGROTEL Sliding Curtains made of high-quality technical textiles are the optimal solution for quickly closing and bracing of smaller openings and passageways that are not highly frequented.

    Construction of a Sliding Curtain

    • Length: up to 10 m
    • Height: up to 4.0 m
    • Top and bottom fork clamp ensures stability
    • Simple, manual opening and closing
    • Little mounting space needed, easy assembly
    • Maximum space utilisation
    • Technical textile with either net, tarpaulin or a combination of both
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    Up to 10 m length

    Unsupported spans guarantee optimum use of space and a large passageway.

    Highly windproof

    Thanks to the fork tensioning, the AGROTEL sliding curtain can withstand great wind pressure.

    High-quality materials

    AGROTEL tarpaulins and nets are made of high quality polyester fabric. They are tear resistant, UV stable and flame retardant.


    Sliding Curtain – WST1 (Max. length: 10 m; Max. height: 4.0 m)