AGROTEL Smart Solutions Animal Welfare

    Optimal stable climate: Hose Ventilation Systems

    You can improve the supply of fresh air for poorly ventilated stable compartments with our AGROTEL Hose Ventilation Systems.

    Ventilation and cooling with SOFTAIR and COOLAIR

    The AGROTEL SOFTAIR Ventilation System is an inexpensive yet effective way to improve the climate in your barn. AGROTEL COOLAIR Ventilation Systems can be used as temperature comfort ventilation for cooling.


    • You can choose between the following diameters to suit your requirements: Ø 35 cm / Ø 62 cm / Ø 75 cm
    • Different fan types depending on requirements from 1900 m3/h up to 12.500 m3/h
    • Overpressure fan with load contactor and manually adjustable speed controller (for temperature controlled Coolair solutions)
    • The air outlets are calculated and assembled in accordance with the application and the air flow rate

    Pleasant climate all year round

    An optimal ventilation and cooling system maintains the well-being of your animals, especially during hot summer months.

    Healthy and productive animals

    A good barn climate increases feed intake and reduces disease incidence.

    Cost savings

    You benefit from low initial costs due to a simple construction and save on veterinary treatment costs.

    Schlauchbelüftung für Kälberstall

    Hose Ventilation System for calf barns

    Schlauchlüftung für die Belüftung
    Schlauchbelüftung und Kühlung für Kuh- und Rinderstall

    Temperature comfort ventilation for cooling in cow barns

    Schlauchlüftung für die Kühlung des Stalles


    Plastic-coated polyester fabric
    Flame retardant (B1, non-dripping)
    Suspension strap, stainless steel eyelets, carabiner
    Schlauchlüftung Materialien


    AGROTEL’s systems for the ventilation of cow and calf stables are used in small and large barns.