AGROTEL Stable construction Ventilation Light and ventilation systems

    Optimal ventilation up to the roof: Light-Ventilation Ridge

    The AGROTEL light and ventilation ridge completes the natural ventilation concept of your barn.

    Fresh air and light

    The sophisticated system of the ventilation ridge creates a very good chimney effect, drawing the stale air out. Thus the natural thermals of the barn are optimally used.


    • Versions: double-sided, single-sided
    • Width: 160 cm
    • Length: up to 80 m per driving motor
    • Can be mounted on textile hall systems as well as on conventional buildings
    • Avoids excessive heating of the building
    • Ideal extraction of used air
    • Optimal light and air conditions are obtained in combination with our AGROTEL Side Wall Ventilation Systems

    Fresh air supply

    When the ridge is open, stale air contaminated with harmful gases escapes upwards, while new fresh air can flow in via (ideally) open side walls.


    Thanks to the light-coloured textile covering, plenty of light washes into the barn even when the ridge is closed.

    Customized design

    Whether for a new building or an existing one, the AGROTEL Light Ventilation Ridge is customized to your requirements.


    Double-sided, adjustable light and ventilation ridge

    Satteldachhalle belüften mit Licht-Lüftungsfirst

    Single-sided, adjustable light and ventilation ridge

    Einseitiger Licht-Lüftungsfirst für Pultdachhallen


    Sturdy construction using aluminium arches

    The sturdy textile tarpaulin is reinforced by a substructure of aluminium arches at 3 m intervals.

    Two drive shafts

    Two drive shafts are mounted in the centre of the ridge. These are operated by a geared motor with a push-button. Both sides can be opened and closed independently of each other via a rack mechanism.

    Covering made of white PVC tarpaulin

    The technical textile is flame retardant, anti-mould treated, anti-static, UV-stable and heat resistant.

    Front and back cladding

    The ridge is equipped with a galvanized metal sheet at the beginning and at the end.


    Numerous farmers use the AGROTEL Light Ventilation Ridge in their cowshed, pigsty, chicken coop or horse barn to ensure improved air conditions and increased well-being for their animals.