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    Tank covering without central support:
    Free-Standing Domed Roof

    AGROTEL’s patent-protected, self-supporting domed roof is easy to install and therefore perfectly suited to existing and new tanks.

    Self-supporting tank covering

    The Free-Standing Domed Roof is ideal for covering slurry tanks and water reservoirs with a diameter of up to 22 metres. It fulfils the emission protection requirements and can be installed during operation.

    Reliable emission protection

    The tank cover reduces operational emissions to a minimum.

    Assembly during operation

    Due to the innovative construction without a central support, the tank does not need to be emptied or cleaned, so the roof can be installed during operation.

    Self-supporting up to 22 m diameter

    Thanks to the self-supporting substructure made of galvanised steel, containers up to 22 m can be covered without any problems.

    Domed Roof: free-standing up to 22 m

    1 Fabric reinforced plastic membrane

    2 Galvanized steel structure

    3 Tensioning with galvanized steel tubes and block ratchets


    Fabric reinforced plastic membrane

    Our emission protection roofs are made of high-quality polyester fabric with plastic coating on both sides.

    Bracing with galvanised tubes and belt ratchets

    The textile covering is securely fastened to the container wall with stainless steel ratchets.

    Corrosion protection

    An additional inner membrane can be fitted to protect the roof structure from corrosion.

    Galvanised steel structure

    The stable substructure enables unsupported spans of up to 22 m.


    High tear resistance

    Due to the special process of pre-stretching during tarpaulin production, our technical textiles guarantee optimum surface stability.

    Flame retardant

    Our technical textiles are fire-resistant (B1) and non-dripping.

    Very good weld seam adhesion

    During the welding process, the highest temperature is applied directly at the seam, creating an optimal bond.


    For tank covers we use technical textiles that are UV-resistant, weatherproof, gas-resistant and anti-mould treated.


    Our free-standing emission control roofs are used in both the agricultural and industrial sectors.