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    Wind Protection System 2

    Max. length: 120 m / Max. height: 4 m

    WSS2 - System 2

    The Curtains, which can be folded or overlapped from top to bottom, are the ideal solution for side wall vents or side wall cladding with a greater base height. They seal at the base and prevent direct draughts.

    Roll up sidewall ventilation

    • Max. length: 120 m
    • Max. height: 4 m
    • Winding method: opening from top to bottom, the sheeting is either overlapping
    • or folded together
    • Type of drive: plug-in motor or geared motor
    • Technical textile is made of tarpaulin
    • Air tight at base to prevent direct draughts
    • Optional: automatic sensor control system


    Through the optimal use of natural air movements, cost-intensive ventilation equipment can be omitted.

    Stress-free farming

    Customized systems create more pleasant working conditions and simplify stable management.

    Flexible air supply

    Simple operation allows the air and light supply to be flexibly varied.

    Wickellüftung, Curtains für Stall

    Wind Protection System WSS2


    AGROTEL Curtains and Wind Protection System ensure increased well-being for your animals.