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    Max. length: 80 m / Max. height: 4.5 m

    WSS3 - System 3

    AGROTEL Thermocurtains can be filled with air at low temperatures. Their insulating function makes them the optimal solution for stables in cold regions or in wind-exposed locations.

    Insulated barn ventilation system

    • For milking parlours and waiting areas in regions with low temperatures or wind-
    • exposed locations
    • Max. length: 80 m
    • Max. height: 4.5 m
    • Winding method: opening from top to bottom
    • Can be opened up to 30 cm in insulated position
    • Type of drive: plug-in motor or geared motor
    • For summer operation the system can be driven all the way down

    Thermal and acoustic insulation

    The air-filled chambers of the Thermocurtains protect against cold and at the same time have a noise-insulating function.

    Durability & Robustness

    AGROTEL windbreak systems impress with their stable construction. The high-quality technical textiles are tear-resistant, weatherproof and flame-retardant.

    Fresh air even in cold weather

    Even in cool temperatures, farm animals need light and air. You can create the perfect conditions with the Thermocurtain.

    Wind protection system WSS3 with insulating air chambers


    AGROTEL’s Thermocurtains insulate when needed and protect your animals from wind and cold.