Wind Protection Systems

    System 1 – WSS1

    Our flexible roll-up curtain system ensures optimal light and air conditions in your stable building. Whether cattle barn, chicken coop or pig farms, with the AGROTEL wind protection system WSS1 you can create perfect conditions for the well-being of your animals.

    System 2 – WSS2

    The Curtains, which can be folded or overlapped from top to bottom, are the ideal solution for side wall vents or side wall cladding with a greater base height. They seal at the base and prevent direct draughts.

    Thermocurtains – WSS3

    AGROTEL Thermocurtains can be filled with air at low temperatures. Their insulating function makes them the optimal solution for stables in cold regions or in wind-exposed locations.

    System 4 – WSS4

    Due to the facility of opening from above and below, this flexible wind protection system is a real all-rounder and can be used in many ways as a windbreak as well as for shading.

    System 5 – WSS5

    Flexible, robust wind protection system with drive-through option. The Wind protection System 5 with central rewind shaft offers additional stability and is suitable for system lengths of up to 120 metres.

    Ventilation Door – WSS5.1

    The combination of side ventilation and access door ensures optimal light and air conditions and facilitates management through flexible entry options. The type of installation requires little mounting space.

    Curtains - Advantages