The right system for every need: Moser cow barn

    A total of four different wind-protection systems enrich the stables of the Moser family in Bayerbach. Each system has its own purpose: ventilation, shading, entry and exit or a combination of several functions.

    The project at a glance

    Anton Moser’s farm consists of three stables that offer the best conditions for cows and calves. One building, the calf barn, is equipped with the WSS5.1 Ventilation Door. The distances between the tensioning supports is wide enough to pass through, so the curtains become a combination of side ventilation and access gate. In the adjoining cowshed, the all-round systems WSS5 and WSS4 are utilised for ventilation and shading at the same time. 

    When a new barn extension was built last year, it was also equipped with an AGROTEL side wall ventilation system. The long side of the playpen can be completely opened with curtains, rolling up from the bottom to the top.