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    Container cover with central support

    The AGROTEL emission protection roof is a high-quality solution for reducing pollutant gases for tanks with a large diameter.

    Supported tank cover

    Thanks to the integrated central support, the emission protection roof can span containers with a diameter of up to 40 m, and more. The high-quality construction promises stability even in extreme weather conditions.

    Reliable emission protection

    With the AGROTEL Emission Protection Roof, your tank is covered gas-tight. Unintentional gas leaks are prevented.

    Very high wind and snow loads

    The combination of high-quality material components forms a solid construction that can withstand high load values.

    Tank diameters up to 40 m as standard

    With the AGROTEL Emission Protection Roof, large-dimensioned tanks for commercial or agricultural use can be covered without any problems.

    Tank covering with central support: up to 40 m diameter

    1 Stainless steel central column with head

    2 Upper belt suspension (crown)

    3 Fabric reinforced plastic membrane

    4 Guying

    5 Belt substructure


    Stainless steel central column with head

    Manufactured in stainless steel, the centre support is protected against corrosion and made for a long-lasting use.

    Fabric-reinforced plastic membrane

    An appropriate fabric type is selected to suit the static requirements.

    Belt substructure with suspension

    The steel head at the top of the centre support serves as the belt suspension. The belts, which are tensioned outwards in a star shape, ensure stability for high wind and snow loads.


    By using ratchets and tensioning straps, the outer round tube inserted in a stitched hem is tensioned to the container wall.

    Belt substructure

    Diameter: 40 m

    Bracing of the membrane

    Ratchets made of stainless steel


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    For tank covers we use technical textiles that are UV-resistant, weatherproof, gas-resistant and anti-mould treated.

    Metal components made of stainless steel

    All metal components such as centre support, screw connection and fastening technology are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

    Flame retardant

    Our technical textiles are flame retardant (B1) and non-dripping.

    Fabric types in accordance with requirements

    Our high-tech membranes are selected in accordance with static and operational requirements.

    Membranes for the emission protection roof with centre support

    Light grey

    Similar to RAL 7038
    Polyester fabric with PVC coating

    Dark grey

    Similar to RAL 7012
    Polyester fabric with PVC coating

    Moss green

    Similar to RAL 6005
    Polyester fabric with PVC coating


    The main field of application of AGROTEL tank covers with central support are biogas plants and storage tanks for agriculture and industry.