AGROTEL Environmental Technology Emission Protection Liquid Tank

    Liquid Tank

    External liquid tanks are used for storage of agricultural waste water, extinguishing water or liquid fertilizer (AHL).

    Flexible storage of liquids

    AGROTEL Liquid Tanks are self-supporting and can be put into operation immediately on a level surface. We manufacture sizes up to 1200 m³.


    High tear resistance

    Good weld adhesion, high surface stability.

    Flame retardant

    Treated for fire protection and flame retardant (B1).

    Special membrane

    Polyester fabric with plastic coating on both sides and acrylic lacquer.


    UV-stable, gas-resistant, anti-mould treated.

    Surface weight 900 - 1500 g/m²

    The heavy fabric tarpaulin is ideally suited to permanent exposure.

    High-frequency welding

    Ensures leak-tightness and durability.


    AGROTEL Liquid Tanks are used for the storage of liquid fertiliser, waste water, rainwater and also fire-fighting water.