Free-Standing Domed Roof

    The Free-Standing Emission Protection Dome Roof is ideally suited to smaller tanks and can be installed during ongoing operation.

    Container cover with central support

    Thanks to the integrated centre support, the emission-protection membrane roof can span tanks with a diameter of up to 40 m, and more. The high-quality construction promises stability, even in extreme weather conditions.

    Double Membrane Gas Storage

    AGROTEL gas storage tanks are highly efficient storage solutions thanks to their robust construction. They are designed for high operating pressures.

    75% Double Membrane Gas Storage

    The 75% sphere is the perfect solution for efficient gas storage. Very large volumes can be realised with low acquisition costs.

    Concrete Protection WireTarp

    For more than 20 years WireTarp has been reliably used as corrosion protection for reinforced concrete tanks.

    Concrete refurbishment SaniTarp

    With AGROTEL’s SaniTarp concrete refurbishment membrane, we renovate defective concrete surfaces and coatings in fermenters, slurry tanks and gas storage tanks.

    External Gas Storage

    External gas storage tanks provide additional storage volume to compensate for fluctuations in production, consumption fluctuations, or volume changes due to varying temperatures.

    Flüssigkeitstank für Regenwasser

    Liquid Tank

    AGROTEL Liquid Tanks are used for storage of agricultural waste water, extinguishing water or liquid
    fertilizer (AHL) and can be put into operation immediately on a level surface.

    AGROTEL Biogas Components – Advantages