Tunnel Halls

    Free-standing width: up to 15 m

    Arched halls have proven themselves as flexible and versatile storage halls in agriculture, industry and commerce. They can be assembled really fast at almost any location, are free-standing and can often be erected without the need for building permits.

    Monopitch Roof Halls

    Free-standing width: up to 15 m

    Whether it’s an agricultural hall or a multi-purpose hall for industry and commerce, our modern, efficient and durable Monopitch Roof Halls are constructed individually in accordance with customer requirements.

    Beam Halls

    Free-standing width: up to 30 m
    Supported width: up to 60 m

    Beam Halls with a large unsupported span are the optimal solution for your storage hall, machine hall, logistics hall, stable or mobile silo roofing.

    Lattice Beam Halls

    Free-standing width: Standard up to 60 m, up to 80 m on request.

    Where large spans are required, AGROTEL Lattice Beam Halls with lattice girder construction are a fast and efficient solution.

    Textile Hall Construction – Advantages


    1 Technical Textile

    • Polyester fabric with plastic coating on both sides, acrylic lacquered
    • Flame retardant, low flammability per B1, DIN 41021 (B1, s2, dO) and EN13501-1
    • UV-stabilized, weather resistant, and high chemical resistance
    • High tear resistance, area stability and very good weld seam adhesion
    • Surface weight up to 1200 g/m² – in accordance with structural requirements
    • Production of the fabric in accordance with DIN18204-1 – high-frequency welded
    • Absolute tightness (finished in one piece)
    • Lightweight covering compared to other covering materials
    • Read more about our materials

    2 Steel Supporting Structure

    • IPE girder (Double T-Girder)
    • Round beam construction
    • Assessment of wind load and snow load depending on location per EUROCODE EC1 and EUROCODE EC3 (up to 5 kN snow load and up to wind zone 4)
    • Steel parts (S355) galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1491:2009
    • Hot galvanizing provides lasting protection against corrosion


    That's us

    We are a specialist and pioneer in the field of textile solutions in industry, trade, environmental technology and agriculture. With more than 30 years of experience in textile hall construction, we offer professional handling for your project.