AREG - recycling on a grand scale

    AREG mbh is a specialist for waste disposal services in the Lower Bavaria and Upper Austria region. In order to properly store the huge quantities of recycling materials, an AGROTEL lattice girder hall with a freestanding width of 30 m  was realised.


    The project at a glance

    The AREG company in Neuburg am Inn in the district of Passau is one of the largest in Bavaria. The enterprise disposes commercial waste, bulky waste, substitute fuels, waste paper, scrap metal, metals, plastics, foils and electrical waste. But the recycling specialist also recycles waste glass, waste wood and hazardous waste. In order to safely store the valuable materials, the company had to expand its storage space in 2020.

    In a short time, a construction was needed that would protect the collected waste wood from rain and allow large machines to enter and leave the site. The decision was made in favour of a Lattice Support Pitched Roof Hangar with textile cladding. Due to hollow steel sections designed as lattice girders, this construction method allows very large unsupported spans. The lattice beam hall with a width of 30 m and a length of 20 m was produced and assembled in only a few months. An entrance height of almost 7 m facilitates the overall management.