Happy cows at the Stadler family, thanks to free movement, light & fresh air.

    When the cow is happy, the farmer is happy too. To increase the well-being of his dairy cows, Josef Stadler has equipped his spacious stable with wind-protection systems and Roll Up Doors from AGROTEL.

    The project at a glance

    The cows can move around freely in Josef Stadler’s dairy barn. This brings some advantages: they can socialize, drink and eat unassisted and can groom themselves on massage brushes. They find space to rest in the cubicles. Since the barn climate also contributes significantly to the cows’ well-being, optimal air and light conditions were taken into account when building the barn.

    The AGROTEL WSS4 Side Wall Ventilation System covers the entire long side of the barn. It can be opened from top to bottom, so that both the fresh air and sunlight can be controlled flexibly. Thanks to the choice of material, a transparent PVC tarpaulin, the curtains keep out UV radiation while still allowing enough daylight to enter the barn.

    On the front side, the building is equipped with several wind-protection doors (WST7, WST9). The size and material of the electrically operated Ribbed Roll Up Doors were adapted to their intended use. Josef Stadler uses them to control his animals’ exercising, making his work considerably easier by systematic entrances and exits.