Cattle fattening

    From an economic point of view, cattle are the most important farm animals. However, successful cattle rearing requires two basic things: healthy, productive animals and optimal working conditions. We can support you in planning your barn facility to combine animal welfare with economic success.

    How do you create optimal husbandry conditions on your farm?

    Specific challenges arise on cattle farms, especially in the area of animal health.

    Freedom of movement

    Low levels of noxious gases

    Sufficient light supply (at least 120 lux)

    Optimised feeding system

    Fresh air supply without draughts

    Padded walking and lying areas

    The solution: light and air supply through side wall ventilation systems

    Ventilation & shading with curtains and ridge solutions

    Cool outside air enters the barn through flexibly controllable curtains. This air flows slowly through the animal area, warms up and rises to the top. A roof opening, such as a ventilation ridge, allows the polluted air to escape to the outside.

    The AGROTEL curtains, which can be rolled up on both sides, also provide shade in the event of strong solar radiation.

    Fewer injuries - more comfort

    Cow mattresses and barn flooring

    Padded walking and lying surfaces are investments that pay off. Cow mattresses are hygienic, non-slip pads for raised stalls that improve the lying comfort of your animals and increase their well-being. Non-slip floor coverings promote hoof health and significantly reduce the risk of injury.

    Long-lasting fresh feed

    Automatic feed supply

    In cattle fattening farms, stepless access to designated feed rations is of particular importance. Since manually pushing hay and silage to the feed fence is very labour-intensive, feed delivery systems are the optimal solution to provide the animals with the best possible feed and to relieve the farmer’s workload.