The Waibel family's AGROTEL Cosyhome calf home

    Happy calves – relieved farmer. In October 2020, Ernst Waibel created a feel-good oasis for his calves. At the same time, the well thought-out concept allows the daily work to be done by a single person.

    The project at a glance

    A new calf health stable in Vorarlberg. Since last year, the calves of the Waibel family have been living in a new AGROTEL calf barn. For farmer Ernst Waibel, the investment has paid off. Thanks to the innovative tilting device, he saves two hours of working time per day. In addition, the calves are much healthier than in the previous barn due to the optimal climatic conditions, which has also minimised veterinary costs.

    A saddle roof beam hall forms the basis of the barn construction. All-round, wind-protection systems, transparent panels and gable cladding provide plenty of daylight and fresh air. The entire long side of the outdoor climate-controlled barn is equipped with a Double Roll Up Door that can be opened by radio control. In order to facilitate entry and exit with large machines, rolling and sliding doors have been integrated. The dimensions individually oriented to the intended use.

    For mucking out the lying areas, Ernst Waibel operates the tilting device, which makes the group igloos move up hydraulically, and opens the sliding gate on the gable side. With the tractor, the stable is mucked out quickly and efficiently, without the assistance of a second person.